Organic Matcha Latte

Zealthy Life - Organic Matcha Latte, Pure Japanese Tea Blend with Ashwagandha & Maca, Matcha Tea Powder with Natural Coconut Milk & Vanilla, No Added Sugar, 4.68 oz (45 Servings)

Size: 4.6 OZ

$ 29.99


Rich, Delicate Flavor - Start your day with a revitalizing cup of Zealthy Life’s organic matcha powder! Our Japanese green tea has a distinct taste and aroma, made deliciously creamy with a combination of natural vanilla and coconut milk.

Boosts Your Mood & Energy - Our green tea matcha powder is infused with MCT oil to give you an invigorating energy boost. This unsweetened tea also contains ashwagandha, which soothes the mind and helps improve your mood and focus.

GREAT TASTELoaded With Antioxidants - Defend your body from free-radical damage with our matcha powder latte. With our matcha powder organic and all-natural, you’ll get to reap a wholesome blend of antioxidants for healthier metabolic and gut function.: A distinct Matcha taste combined with an Organic Vanilla powder to create a rich new flavor! We also added a dose of organic coconut milk powder and MCT Oil powder for a nice creaminess in the blend.

Cafe-Quality Latte In Minutes - Enjoy a delectable Japanese matcha drink within minutes! Mix this green matcha tea powder into hot or cold milk using a whisk or frother. You can also have it plain or sweeten it with some honey.

All-Natural Blend - At Zealthy Life, your health is our priority. That’s why our green tea matcha powder is made only from potent natural ingredients. Our Japanese matcha green tea powder contains no fillers, synthetics, Gmos, or gluten.


A Burst of Flavor and Energy

Our pure matcha latte mix offers a rich, velvety creaminess as it’s enriched with vanilla and coconut milk. Through its coconut milk, this blend also contains a high content of MCT that provides a clean energy boost without the crash or jitters caused by caffeine.

Kickstart your day with a refreshingly nutritious cup of matcha! Zealthy Life’s non sweetened matcha powder is packed with natural ingredients formulated to soothe your mood, boost your energy, and keep you focused throughout the day.

Promotes Calmness and Focus

This matcha latte mix is loaded with powerful adaptogens such as maca root and ashwagandha that encourage a calmer, more balanced state of mind. Together with its revitalizing aroma, this matcha mix will help keep you focused, alert, and recharged!