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Chasing Away the Pandemic Blues: Things to Do During Lockdown

Over the recent weeks and months, the world has had to deal with the emergence of the destructive and deadly COVID-19. The new virus has quickly ravaged communities throughout the world, making many sick, forcing us into our homes, and robbing thousands of lives too soon. In short, it’s a scary, scary time for us all, and we have more than enough time on our hands to think about that. However, that also means we have plenty of time to fill with activities, both fun and productive. What can you do in your house besides Netflix and (actually) chill? Turns out, lots of things! Here are just a few fun things to do during quarantine and do you good in these difficult times.

Connect with Friends and Family

While it may be called ‘social distancing,’ it’s really all about physically distancing ourselves from others. We can still easily stay social in the era of the coronavirus pandemic! After all, phones and the internet exist for a reason, so why not use them? What to do when your bored at home? Give your friends and family a call. Play some online games with your buddies. Video chat with your parents. Host a Zoom party with your old college friends. Just get creative with it and keep in touch! Just because we can’t be within six feet of each other, doesn’t mean we have to be socially disconnected.

Move Your Body

With all that is going on, it’s easy to just sit on the couch and only move when it’s time for bed. Try to resist this urge and move your body. We promise, you’ll feel a little better once you do. That doesn’t mean you have to just do a bunch of boring exercises or take up one of those crazy ‘100 push-ups a day’ challenges. There’s so many ways you can enjoy some movement, even when stuck at home. Try a yoga DVD, do some circuit training, dance around your living room, or give a guided Youtube workout a go. Whatever you do, just choose something that you enjoy and makes you feel good when you feel bored at home.

Spring Clean to Your Heart’s Content

Always telling your spouse that you’ll clean out the garage “when you have time” or telling your friends that you’re too busy to tidy up your apartment? Well, now’s a perfect time to put your figurative money where your mouth is. COVID-19 has left many of us with nothing but time on our hands, so bust out the Windex, a few boxes or trash bags, and get to spring cleaning. Bonus? You’ll feel a lot better being stuck in a nice, clean house than one that is cluttered and disorganized. It’ll also be nice too once the pandemic starts to fade, as you can spend more time going out and less struggling against your lowkey hoarding problem.

Learn a New Instrument

If you’re like many of us out there, you probably have a guitar or keyboard sitting in the corner gathering dust. Well, what better time to put it to good use than when quarantining indoors? You’ll have plenty of time to practice and it will serve as a great distraction from all the terrible news we see day in and day out. It might seem difficult without the aid of an expert by your side, but there’s plenty of great online resources to check out. For those looking for free, YouTube has tons of different video tutorials on just about any instrument you could imagine. If you’re willing to shell out a little cash, though, Yousician, Simply Piano, and other apps are great options that can help teach you everything you need to know – and respond in real time to your mistakes!

Get Some Fresh Air

While it’s true that we should be at home and quarantining to keep ourselves and others safe from this terrible virus, that doesn’t mean we’re forced to avoid the sun for the next however many months. In fact, many officials are encouraging people to get some outdoor recreation time, providing they maintain plenty of distance between themselves and others. So, go outside and enjoy! No matter whether you go for a run, garden, or just sit outside on your back porch, the sun and fresh air will do you well.

Reconnect with Your Interests

The daily grind of wake up, work, sleep, and repeat can really put a strain on a person. It’s easy to lose sight of who you are and the things you love, so try to take advantage of this time and reconnect with the things you love. Is art your thing? Break out your paints or pencils and get back into it! Are you a movie buff? Pull out the old DVDs or digitally rent some classics to appreciate. Do you love listening to music? Dust off your favorite albums and turn it up loud, or alternatively, watch an online concert. Everyone from Brian May, to Billie Eilish, to The Dropkick Murphys have been putting on free micro quarantine concerts for your viewing pleasure. It doesn’t matter what your interests are, just use your time to really enjoy them again.

Take Care of Yourself

Beyond anything else you could be doing right now; you should be prioritizing your self-care. While we are trying to make the best of it, it still is a global pandemic that is wreaking havoc in our society. It’s frightening and it’s okay if you’re scared right now. Be gentle with yourself. If you’re not able to do the other things on this list, that’s okay. If you’re not able to look on the bright side, that’s okay. Try to meditate, journal, talk with friends, or do whatever else will help your mental health. Try to maintain good hygiene, eat some good meals whenever possible, and get a little sun. They’re small things, but they go a long way to taking care of yourself. And if even the basics are hard, know that you are not alone. Reach out for help if you need it and remember – this too shall pass. 



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